About driving license

Those wishing to obtain licence for heavy and light vehicles, two-wheelers and three-wheelers were having a tough time after the DoTM halted receiving and processing applications, citing technical reasons.

An official at the DoTM said the office had not been accepting applications to make necessary procedural changes as per the amendments to the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 1993.
We felt it necessary to study the new amendments before implementing them accordingly. Therefore, the DoI was obliged to stop the process of issuing licence for a few weeks,” he informed.

The new amendment to the Act came into force after its publication in the Nepal Gazette on October 27.

Any person aspiring to obtain driving licence of heavy motor vehicles now has to wait until they attain 25 years of age. Prior to the new amendment to the Act, a person having attained the age of 21 years and 18 years was eligible for licence to drive truck and bus respectively.
The amendment has also raised the minimum age for obtaining licence for light motor vehicles and motorcycle/scooter from 18 and 16 years to 21 and 18 years.

Traffic cops had long urged the government to increase the existing minimum age for driving licence, blaming the young age for increased road accidents.

Similarly, the new amendment has a provision which allows an applicant to submit new application after 30 days if he/she fails in the written or trial test. Earlier, the time-limit was three months.
Once the applicant clears the written test, he/she may attend the trial exam for three times. The validity period of licence has also been extended to 10 years from five years.

The new amendment has also authorised the government to scrap licence of those killing anyone as a result of reckless driving. Registration and route permit of long-route passenger vehicles, which do not have at least two drivers, would also be scrapped.
To fill license form follow this linkTitlehttps://onlineedlreg.dotm.gov.np/newDlApplicationEntry_.action


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