How constant mesh gearbox works ?

How  constant mesh gearbox works ?

How  constant mesh gearbox works ?
In constant mesh gearbox all the gears in the counter shaft and output shaft are in mesh condition. The dog clutch is used to engage and disengage the gears

Right now gearbox, all the riggings of the fundamental shaft are in consistent work with the relating apparatuses of the countershaft or layshaft.

Two canine grips are given on the primary shaft for example one in the middle of the grip gear and the subsequent rigging, and the other between the main apparatus and the turn around gear.

The canine grip can slide on the pole and pivot with it. While all the apparatuses on the countershaft are unbendingly fixed with it.

As and when the left-hand hound grasp is made to slide to one side by methods for the rigging shift switch, it networks with the grip gear and the top speed gear is gotten. At the point when the left-hand hound grip networks with second rigging, the subsequent apparatus is gotten.

Correspondingly, by sliding right-hand hound hold to one side and right, the main speed apparatus and invert gear are acquired individually.

Right now gearbox, all the riggings are in consistent work and thus consequently, they are protected from being harmed and aggravating granulating sound doesn't happen while connecting with and separating
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