Vehicles number plate colours and letters identification.

Colour codes and numbers used in vehicles of Nepal
1)letters used in number plates
·       The first letter denotes the zone of vehicle ,for example in above plate ba represents bagmati in which the vehicle is registered .
·       Second letters denotes counter which increments after the sequence number reaches 9999
·       The third part indicate type of vehicle ,like two wheeler,light,heavy ,medium vehicle.
·       Last part is a sequence number from 0001 to 9999.

2)Identification of vehicle by colour codes in number plates.
·       Private vehicles-Red plates with white letters.
·       Public vehicles-Black plates with white letters.
·       Government vehicles-White plates with red letters.
·       National corporation vehicles-Yellow plates with blue letters.
·       Tourist vehicles-Green plate with white letters.
Diplomatic vehicles-Blue plates with white letters.
3)The third part letter in number plate:
·       Pa –for motorcycle
·       Cha-for light vehicles
·       Ka –for heavy vehicles
·       Ha-for three wheelers
·       Ta –for tractors
Private vehicles used for commercial purpose have black platews with white letters;but the third part of the vehicle denotes
                                     Ja –for light commercial vehicles
                                     Kha-for heavy commercial vehicle

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