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Working principle of Variable Valve Actuation(VVA) technology .

Working principle of Variable Valve Actuation(VVA) technology - VVA technology has two different cam size for intake valves only and the exhaust remains constant. -In normal condition ,when the engine revolution is less than 7400 rpm the smaller cam  works but there is no any work of larger cam in this condition. -Now when the engine revolution is increased more than 7400 rpm ,the larger cam  works ,the sensors detects the revolution and the motor operates so that the pin is inserted to connect the valve to larger cam. -when larger cam works ,means that the more air-fuel mixture enters to the engine and the engine can produce more power due to more combustion of fuels. Thanks!

Mechanical Properties of Metals

Mechanical Properties of Metals Those which are preferred with the capacity of the material to oppose mechanical forces and load. The mechanical properties of the metal includes ductility, brittleness, malleability,strength,stiffness, elasticity, plasticity,  toughness, resilience, creep and hardness. We shall now discuss those properties as listed below: 1. Strength.  The ability of a material to oppose the externally applied forces without breaking. The internal resistance reffered by a part to an externally applied force is called stress. 2. Stiffness. The ability of  a material to resist deformation over stress. The modulus ofelasticity is a measure of stiffness. 3. Elasticity.  The  property of a material to regain its original shape after deformation when the external forces are released. This property is used for materials used in equipments and machinery. It may be proved that rubber is less elastic than steel. 4. Plasticity.  The property of a material which

Working principal of laser beam machining

Working principal of laser beam machining The laser shaft centers optical vitality around the outside of the workpiece. A laser bar can be so amazing when utilized with a focal point framework that it can soften and disintegrate precious stone as the vitality thickness can be of the request for 100 kW for each square centimeter. This tremendous measure of vitality is discharged because of some specific atoms having higher energy levels and specific recurrence. This standard is utilized LASER shaft cutting since it can break the synthetic holding of the materials when intensified. Various sorts of lasers are utilized in Laser pillar machining . For instance – strong state, gas and semiconductor. On occasion high force lasers are required for machining and welding and in those cases, just strong state lasers can give such power levels. Ruby-laser or crystalline aluminium oxide or sapphire is the most regularly utilized strong state laser. By and large, these lasers are manufactur

How constant mesh gearbox works ?

How  constant mesh gearbox works ? In constant mesh gearbox all the gears in the counter shaft and output shaft are in mesh condition. The dog clutch is used to engage and disengage the gears Right now gearbox, all the riggings of the fundamental shaft are in consistent work with the relating apparatuses of the countershaft or layshaft. Two canine grips are given on the primary shaft for example one in the middle of the grip gear and the subsequent rigging, and the other between the main apparatus and the turn around gear. The canine grip can slide on the pole and pivot with it. While all the apparatuses on the countershaft are unbendingly fixed with it. As and when the left-hand hound grasp is made to slide to one side by methods for the rigging shift switch, it networks with the grip gear and the top speed gear is gotten. At the point when the left-hand hound grip networks with second rigging, the subsequent apparatus is gotten. Correspondingly, by sliding right-hand

What is automatic transmission

What is automatic transmission At the point when a driver is driving a vehicle with a manual transmission ,it is important for the driver to be continually mindful of the motor burden and vehicle speed and to be changing gears appropriately. With a programmed transmission ,this kind of driver judgment is unnecessary,shifting by the driver isn't important and changing up or down to the most suitable gear is cultivated consequently at the most proper time for the motor burden and vehicle speed. Advantage of automatic transmission diminishes driver exhaustion. Two pedal control, i.e.,the disposal of the grasp pedal together with programmed gear choice decreases driver weakness since it beats the requirement for repetitive grip and apparatus change tasks. 2.It consequently and easily changes gears at speeds fitting to the driving conditions,thus easing to the driver of the need to ace troublesome and inconvenient driving procedures, for example, grip activity. 3.It

How electric power steering system works

How electric power steering system works Today ,a number of manufacturers use electric power steering .It is designed to use an electric motor to to reduce effort by providing steering assist to the driver of a vehicle. This steering uses an electrical motor to drive either the facility steering hydraulic ram or the mechanism directly. The power steering function is therefore independent of engine speed, leading to significant energy savings. Working principal.How electric power steering system works: Sensors detect the motion and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive torque through an electrical motor coupled on to either the gear or steering column. This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied counting on driving conditions.  A steering sensor is found on the input shaft where it enters the gearbox housing. The steering sensor is really two sensors in one: a torque sensor that converts steering torque input and its direction into vo