How electric power steering system works

How electric power steering system works
How electric power steering system works

Today ,a number of manufacturers use electric power steering.It is designed to use an electric motor to to reduce effort by providing steering assist to the driver of a vehicle. This steering uses an electrical motor to drive either the facility steering hydraulic ram or the mechanism directly. The power steering function is therefore independent of engine speed, leading to significant energy savings.
Working principal.How electric power steering system works:
Sensors detect the motion and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive torque through an electrical motor coupled on to either the gear or steering column. This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied counting on driving conditions.
 A steering sensor is found on the input shaft where it enters the gearbox housing. The steering sensor is really two sensors in one: a torque sensor that converts steering torque input and its direction into voltage signals, and a rotation sensor that converts the rotation speed and direction into voltage signals. An interface circuit that shares an equivalent housing converts the signals from the torque sensor and rotation sensor into signals the control electronics can process.
 Inputs from the steering sensor are digested by a microprocessor control unit that also monitors input from the vehicles speed sensor. The inputs are then compared to determine how much power assist is required according to a programmed force map in the control units memory. The control unit then sends out the acceptable command to the facility unit which then supplies the
electric power with current. The motor rack to the right or left depending on which way the voltage flows. Increasing the present to the motor increases the quantity of power assist.The system has three operating modes:
A normal control mode in which left or right power assist is provided in response to input from the steering torque and rotation sensors inputs
 A return control mode which is employed to help steering return after completing a turn.
 A damper control mode that changes with vehicle speed to enhance road and dampen kickback.
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