Classification of automobiles

              Classification of automobile

> automobiles are classified according to various ways;
1)On the basis of load
-heavy motored vehicle
-light motored vehicle

2) On the basis of wheel
-two Wheeler vehicle
-three wheeler vehicle
-four wheeler vehicle
-six wheeler vehicle

3)On the basis of fuel used
-petrol vehicle
-diesel vehicle
-steam vehicle
-gas vehicle
-electric vehicle

4)on the basis of transmission
-conventional vehicle with a manual transmission
-semiautomatic transmission
-automatic transmission

5)on the basis of drive
-left hand drive 
-right hand drive

6)on the basis of driving axle
-front wheel drive 
-rear wheel drive
-all wheel drive

7)on the basis of number of cylinder used
-single cylinder vehicle
-three or four cylinder vehicle
-multi cylinder vehicle

8)on the basis of suspension
-conventional vehicle with leaf spring
-independent system with coil spring,torsional bar,etc.

9)on the basis of position of engine
- engine in front
- engine in rear

10)on the basis of body style
-sedan hatchback car
-coupe car,station wagon etc.
-special purpose vehicle

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