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Vehicles number plate colours and letters identification.

Colour codes and numbers used in vehicles of Nepal 1)letters used in number plates ·        The first letter denotes the zone of vehicle ,for example in above plate ba represents bagmati in which the vehicle is registered . ·        Second letters denotes counter which increments after the sequence number reaches 9999 ·        The third part indicate type of vehicle ,like two wheeler,light,heavy ,medium vehicle. ·        Last part is a sequence number from 0001 to 9999. 2) Identification of vehicle by colour codes in number plates . ·        Private vehicles- Red plates with white letters. ·        Public vehicles- Black plates with white letters. ·        Government vehicles- White plates with red letters. ·        National corporation vehicles- Yellow plates with blue letters. ·        Tourist vehicles- Green plate with white letters. Diplomatic vehicles- Blue plates with white letters. 3)The third part letter in number plate: ·       

Classification of automobiles

              Classification of automobile > automobiles are classified according to various ways; 1)On the basis of load -heavy motored vehicle -light motored vehicle 2) On the basis of wheel -two Wheeler vehicle -three wheeler vehicle -four wheeler vehicle -six wheeler vehicle 3)On the basis of fuel used -petrol vehicle -diesel vehicle -steam vehicle -gas vehicle -electric vehicle 4)on the basis of transmission -conventional vehicle with a manual transmission -semiautomatic transmission -automatic transmission 5)on the basis of drive -left hand drive  -right hand drive 6)on the basis of driving axle -front wheel drive  -rear wheel drive -all wheel drive 7)on the basis of number of cylinder used -single cylinder vehicle -three or four cylinder vehicle -multi cylinder vehicle 8)on the basis of suspension -conventional vehicle with leaf spring -independent system with coil spring,torsional bar,etc. 9)on the basis of position of engine - en